Campaign Issues

  • Economic Development
    I think it's important to continue to recruit industry into Davidson County. I think that we should make sure that we diversify industry so as not to experience the current economic situation we have in our county. I think it is also important not to forget the businesses and industry that are already here and have contributed to our economic base. It is vital that we protect our economic resources such as High Rock Lake.  It is important that we as commissioners advocate for citizens adversely affected by others. Specifically, we need to make sure that Alcoa's re-licensing process is fair and balanced for High Rock Lake.  For more information about this issue, click here to visit

  • Education
    Across North Carolina, 51 cents out of every dollar goes to the classroom.  49 cents goes to administration.  I think we need to work to get more dollars into the classroom and to streamline administration to reallocate education dollars. Teachers should not have to pay for classroom supplies out of their own pockets.

  • Taxes
    Most of the present commissioners have stated that a tax increase is almost inevitable for next year. I believe that NO TAX INCREASE is necessary or will be necessary if we concentrate our dollars on what government should be doing.  Too much money is spent in areas where government should not be involved.  Unnecessary and burdensome ordinances create opportunities for more spending.

     "A government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take everything you have." -- Unknown

  • Leadership
    With the situation in Davidson County following the resignation of the Sheriff, a cooperative effort needs to be made to unite our county and communities. We need to seek out innovative ideas that will unite both parties in a common effort to make Davidson County one of the top economic centers in the State.

  • Heritage
    I think that family values, our religious heritage and our National Heritage are issues that demand courage in the face of opposition.  It is important that we not let the threat of a lawsuit deter us from standing up for what is right.  Our family's and our county's well being depends upon it.

Re-Elect Fred McClure, County Commissioner